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and dry. we have a coastal flood warning in effect. you look at a high tides at 9:26 in alexandria. coming up, we will look at the extended forecast. a lot of happy faces out there. >> sticking with the weather, reigns today, and from the weekend, are flooding saturated ground, causing problems for drivers and homeowners. we got old town alexandria, where the flooding we can see behind you. >> it hit around 9:00 this morning, and much of old town alexandria is still der water. the combination of melting snow and rain as the potomac river on the move. >> the tide is coming in. it is going to mess up a lot of businesses. >> in old town, residents pot on the sandbags to prevent water of -- piled on the sand bags to prevent water from entering their homes and businesses. >> i've been here for 13 years, and i've only seen floods one time here. >> this woman keeps an eye on the river. the flood waters are literally lapping at our front door. -- her front door. as is often the case when the river rises in old town, getting around can be complicated. >> and went to the other one a couple of blocks
a missile strike last week killed the man believed to be behind the bombing of the cia post in alexandria. >>> men say they are being tortured. letters were sent to their parents detailing alleged abuse. they were beaten and threatened with execution. they could face life in a pakistani prison. >>> 43 degrees. >> georgetown takes on ohio as march madness takes over the nation's capital. >> more trouble for toyota. the break fix is under fire again. >> not too shabb >>> 5:10 on this thursday morning. it is a typical march morning. we have clear skies and temperatures around 40 degrees. right now, 42 degrees outside the braddock road metro station in alexandria. we do have a few showers in north carolina. i talked about the active whether it down to the south yesterda some may move into north carolina. that is where it is. -clouds. that is a. we anticipate a very sunny day today. here are the temperatures. 40 in springfield. gaithersburg past 36. 41 in herndon. a lot of sunshine just like yesterday with a little added cloud cover in southern maryland and down near fredericksburg. another pl
the next high tide, this is the important part, alexandria 9:26. annapolis 6:10 and indian head 8:54. >> thank you. cleanup is underway in northwest washington. a tree fell on a house there. it happened 9:30 this morning. the house is located in the 2300 block of 49th street northwest. a luxury car in front of the house was also damaged. we're told that damage to the house is superficial and there are no reports of power outages there. >>> the potomac river is on the rise. these are pictures from georgetown and they give you a good idea of how quickly the water was moving. the waterfront is also completely submerged. as you can see a lot of debris is in the river. now, in virginia, the water is finally starting to recede in alexandria. high tide took place at 9:00 this morning, but excellent preparations kept damages limited. our 9 news now kristin fisher has more from old town. >> reporter: high tide has come and gone here in old town, alexandria but all of this water from the potomac river isn't going anywhere anytime soon. police blocked off two blocks of king street by the wat
'll tell you about a skimming plan. some people's bank card information was taken from an atmn alexandria. >> more activity today from a volcano that erupted other the weekend in iceland. >>> good afternoon. actually lighter than normal on 95 headed southbound as you leave springfield. we do have accident activity. from the inner loop of the beltway, you'll find the accident in the left lane. as you travel on 95, both main and hov doing relatively well. elsewhere, traveling the capital beltway, no troubles out of route 1 out of college pk. over into virginia problem free. stay >>> a volcano in southern iceland has been spewing hot lava and ash all day. the volcano first erupted on saturday night and forced at least 500 people to evacuate. most people have returned to their homes. but they may have to leave again. scientists say another volcano may also erupt. there are worries the vol taken owes may melt nearby glaciers and cause disastrous flooding there. >> so veronica, we have another glorious weekend in the near future. >> i think we will. coming up next weekend, that's the way it's l
. closer to home, we have flooding fears of our own. 9 news now's kristin fisher is live in alexandria with more. >> reporter: good morning. well, a coastal flood warning remains in affect for the washington area until 1:00 p.m. today here in old town alexandria. we are expecting high tide at 9:04 this morning an the water is certainly rising. over the weekend the city handed out sandbags to residents and business owners to try to keep the water at bay but it has already flooded two blocks in old town alexandria closing numerous roads along the waterfront. at least three businesses in king street have been loaded. the emergency management coordinator is bracing for more flooding when the high tide hits this morning. >> on top of the coastal flood tide we have and the moon phase and the wind we have the water will come up here and cause us quite frankly some problems. already across the board water levels are two to three feet above normal along the potomac and chesapeake bay area. in georgetown we can expect high tide between 11 and 12 feet and will likely stay that way most of the day
-- for only $10. only at your pizza hut. >>> it was all about guns and grounds in alexandria. dat bate over one company's decision not to ban the legal carrying of firearms in its establishment came to old town alexandria. news 4's derek ward was there. >> reporter: the issue has been brewing at starbucks stores all over the country. today a group of protesters brought to the streets of northern virginia. they set up outside an old town alexandria shop to protest starbuck easy policy not to ban the open carrying of weapons in its stores in jurisdictionis where it's legal to do so like virginia. >> it's a clowe lossal mistake. >> reporter: the group protes easy guns organized the demonstration. they formed in the wake of the virginia tech shooting. lily was wounded in that incident. >> we should keep guns r self-defense. but, you know, i support it for home but this is too much. going everywhere with guns, on trains, in national parks, trying to push it on schools. >> reporter: on the day of old town, st. patrick's day parade, it wasn't hard to find firearms. jack mcclure was preparing to ma
alexandria.. claudia uceda nos dice como podemos protegernos... nat!!!!! sonido de cajero.... usted cree que solo saca el dinero que necesita....pero ademas de eso, en cuestion de minutos, un aparato electronico le roba su dinero y tambien su informacion.... nat!!!! en este cajero automatico del banco wachovia en alexandria, en la calle king, un aparato dificil de detectar a robado mas de 60 mil dolares.... "el criminal esta poniendo un aparato electronico adentro de la maquina, que captura la informacion no nomas de la tarjeta sino el codigo personal de cada persona... " este hispano cree haber sido victima.... "quize comprar algo, me di cuenta que ya no tenia dinero en el banco entonces llame a la oficina central y alli esta y me dicen que fui sobregirado , mientras que yo tenia dinero en el banco..." los robos ocurrieron en este centro comercial el 28 de febrero... la noticia sorprendio a este hispano, quien esta preocupa
to alexandria, as well. let's get over to the weather, to live doppler nine thousand and show you light drizzle and showers. montgomery county, we have showers toward the bay and annapolis and in to calvert county and through fairfax. the storm will keep things damp with drizzle and showers today. temperatures will be in the upper 50s. i will make you happenner, i promise. >> we like when you make us happy. that's why they call you happy howard. >>> hello, everybody. 66 eastbound is what i want to start with but we will take 95. out of fredericksburg to dumfries looking good. now speaking of the beltway, or near there in virginia, everything is all clear. we are dealing with some flooding issues out here. maryland 717 at route 4 so closed because of flooding and in southeast dc, anacostia drive is closed at good hope road due to high-standing water, as well. take it easy and watch the speeds because we have a lot of standing water. move to the outer loop, shall we? i can show you in maryland the drive is great. everybody is moving at speed a great example here at colesville road. back to you. >
for that update. >>> and in other areas, watching for flooding in the region. in alexandria, high tide just peaked a couple of hours ago. but the worst could be coming on the way. a lot of businesses watching the damage. fox 5 news jennifer davis has more from alexandria. >> reporter: officials here in old town say all of the water that came in here today is about what they expected. it did cause a few problems but folks around here know how to handle it. but they still have another high tide to get through before they consider themselves out of the woods. as darkness fell, the water rose across union street. tourists are surprised by the rising waters but locals are pretty used to it. sandbags are out, everybody is helping out and monitoring what happens next. >> it is something we're kind of used to. we don't like it, but mother nature is best this year. but it is something the businesses are used to. >> reporter: officials say it is the type of coastal flooding that old town sees throughout the year. debris washes up and there will be a lot to clean up. but tonight officials warn the worst is y
is live along the potomac river this morning in alexandria. good morning to you. >> gurvir, the potomac river continues to creep up here in old town alexandria. flood waters are continuing to rise. we'll have the latest on what business owners are doing to keep the flood waters back. i'm he sarah simmons. the latest when fox 5 morning news returns. stay with us. ry >>> getting to have a bit of a soggy start after a pretty wet weekend. >> yep, rain continues we are not going to see heavy rain today, at least for the most part. there are a couple of spots where we are seeing a little bit of heavy rain up to our north and east but some scattered showers today and tonight. and then things will get better for the end of the week. >> sounds good. i need a vation from my vacation. can i take off the end of this week? >> no, i don't think so. here is your hd radar. you are seeing the spots heavy rain along interstate 50, up near severna park as well and just to the et of baltimore. some spots of heavy rain. look down to the south and west of the center of your screen there and you see the distr
of river flooding, alexandria knows it all too well. live now and doing some preparations. >> isn't that true, topper. right at this hour the winds are picking up. there is a light rain falling here in old town alexandria. but with the kind of rainfall that topper has been forecasting this evening this is one of the cities that is getting prepared. >> wind and rain left the old town alexandria waterfront all but abandoned. normally it was quiet especially for a friday night. sand bags dot the land now in preparation for what may be a rough weekend ahead. >> doesn't have to be a storm of the century. it can be just a heavy rain and water comes up. i'm glad to see that alexandria is prepared because we have so many beautiful buildings here. we need to protect them. >> alexandria has been through this before. in 2003 when hurricane isabelle rolls into town the high water mark was historic. scenes like this bee lie the severity of the damage she left behind. >> we are all concerned about climate change and what that may do in terms of the sea levels and as they go up the incidents of
they don't make the report known to the public. >> reporter: in alexandria, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >>> expect plays delays if you are taking metro this weekend because of track work taking place. add 30 minutes on the red line between fort totten and silver spring. every other train will end at rhode island avenue instead of glenmont. also, 30 minutes on the blue line between a.d.d. ison road and said yum armory. >>> lawmakers will vote on a bill to increase the high school dropout age. currently any student age 18 or older can legally withdrawal from high school. the measure considered would raise the age to 17 in two years and then in three areas the age would increase to 18. >>> a dc inmate who escaped yesterday afternoon is back in custody. police arrested terence moore near wheeler road and tenth place southeast around 7:00 last night. moore had escaped while contractors with corrections corporation of america were transporting him to the hospital. moore was being held for trying to kill a police officer during a barricade situation and shootout in may of last year. >>> still
in effect for the eastern portion of the chesapeake bay. we will look for high tide in alexandria around 8:50 this evening. showers on and off will continue, although not very heavy. just around 40 degrees tonight. we will take a look at extended out what, and better days are ahead filled with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> we are looking forward to that. in the meantime, people are dealing with the effects of the heavy rain. rising water covers roads and some people are scrambling to keep floodwaters out of their homes. >> believe it or not, this is what happens when you have a major part near a river that has been flooded. this is the main road into the park, and it quite literally disappears. with this much water, you might want to rename this part as a lake. it is all here, the disappearing road, and a playground like an aquatics fun part. all this from our rain and snow melt swollen river. >> we are getting the runoff from the mountains, too. >> from a super sized potomac to bridge jumping creeks and streams, the frederick area is filling up with water. places water is u
street, old town alexandria. at least partly under water this weekend. >> and makes it a little bit exciting. >> thanks or no thanks to the potomac river cresting its banks. >> it was predicted to be much worse. >> please set up road bags, -- road blocks, merchants put out sandbags. >> the wind pushes the water up the potomac and then it rains. >> by day, water ways large and small became swollen. >> it is amazing with the nature. >> that did not stop the shoppers and visitors. this restaurant used sandbags as a it watery walkway. >> we have to prepare the sandbags. >> i am glad to see they are open. >> still, a white knight. authorities warn residents and businesses to expect more in the coming days. certainly, stand -- sand bags standard equipment in old town alexandria. the question is what will happen with high tide when it returns sunday morning, sunday evening, and monday morning. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >>> search teams are looking for a firefighter who was swept away during a water rescue this morning. a group flipped over and one of the firefighters never resurfaced. so
damage. >> reporter: falling trees and rising waters. in old town, alexandria, low roads are prone to flooding. not much time to take in the scene richlt holly was givening preparing to keep the water out. >> it might be bad. it's supposed to get worse this afternoon and this evening. trying to prepare. >> reporter: over the years potomac has been many things to many people. especially when it overflows into banks like here in alexandria. how cool is it to skip a rock almost across prince street? jennifer was headed for our job where she manages a river boat. >> we are not running today. >> reporter: you would think a boat would not have problems on high water. >> with the debris floating in the water, we deem it unsafe today. the biggest concern are the passengers and our crew. >> reporter: there are concerns for sunday for alexandria's emergency management coordinator. >> we don't expect major problems in terms of safety or property damage. we are prepared for that. they are ready to go in this area today. we have shut down certain low-lying facilities. >> higher than usual water
lying levels like old town alexandria and georgetown other water. the potomac pouring over the banks and into the streets and high tide made things work. live in georgetown is bob barr nrd. >> reporter: with sandbags and crossed fingers one of the main threats to homes and businesses in georgetown has been along the c&o canal. it's swollen and running fast. the trouble here is several miles upstream. this is what it looked like at lock 5 just before sunset as the river enters the c&o canal just north of the district line. there is a breach in the gate. a small one broken open by the force of the potomac and debris of some kind. enough to bring adrian hand out of her home way up there. >> kind of exciting, kind of scary. >> reporter: there is no danger here, according to park ranger ali faltress >> reporter: . >> the river has been dropping every hour. >> reporter: it crested just around noon. >> reporter: sky fox was up over the rising potomac during the noon hour. quite a sight. >> this is phenomenal. i've never seen anything like it. we've lived here for 12 years. >> reporter: what
for a murder suspect in alexandria after a deadly shooting that happened this morning in the a.d. 400 block of orindcourt. -- in the 8400 block of orinda court. >> a woman was getting into her car when she was shot and killed. thisall happened in broad daylight, when children are going to school and people were going to work. the suspect is still on the loose. fairfax county police officers are looking at this shotgun on the ound just feet away from a red sedan where an adult woman was shot and killed early this morning. >> i jumped up and looked out the door. i heard a boom, boom, boom. there was a body on the ground. >> neighbors were awakened by three gunshots at 7:26 this morning. they say that a sound like an execution. >> it did not sound like anything violent. no screeching of tires. no alarms. >> it is too early to know if the homicide was an isolated incident or domestic in nature. they are asking for your help in tracking down the suspect. >> we would be very interested in finding a black male driving a gold vehicle with a spoiler on the black. -- on the back. he has been describe
where you are? >> this is just the taste of what is to come. we are in old town alexandria where, just a little while ago, the entire area was dry. there is now water everywhere and debris all over the place. it is coming from the potomac river. things could get a lot worse. from from the potomac, swollen by the snow melt -- to the streams powered by strong currents -- in-line >> it is amazing. >> this is making the waterways grow. >> i feel bad for the businesses that it wiped out all the time down here. >> adding to the anxiety in low- lying areas -- >> duties do any good? -- do these do any good? >> i reported rescue turned out to be an empty kayak. there were high waters, but plenty of river born there really -- river-borne debris everywhere. >> it could get up to 8 feet and this block could be wiped out. >> even the local starbucks has some issues. the sandbags are back. it is moving day for the furniture store. >> it is very high and furniture. we do not want to take a chance. >> take a look at this street. we are looking away from the potomac river. this area was dry just a coup
. we also have a coastal flood advisory along the potomac and the waterfront, d.c., alexandria. let's look at the radar. a good chunk of the region, especially in the north and west, is damp with some drizzle. these will continue to be forced off the north and west and into the metro area. the pocket of heavy rain is only a taste of what is to come. the numbers are in the mid-40's. it is cold. in arlington, we have many more hours of heavy rain. here is our watch for the entire area. it is a flood watch, including the district and surrounding counties. we will come up with more forecast that may be some sunshine for next week coming up in just a minute. >> this week is a washout as our region braces for a host of reasons. we look at the preparations that are already underway. >> the rain is just a light drizzle. i have to tell you that the wind has really picked up. here's the problem. this is the potomac river where it is easily and 5 inches to 6 inches higher than it normally is. the heavy rain is still to come. flooding in low-lying areas is a serious concern this weekend appeare
, alexandria -- more sandbags coming in in preparation for what is to come tonight. the wind is picking up and it's raining again -- not a good combination for what's happening later on this evening. >> flood warnings still up across the area -- are chief meteorologist is in the weather center. >> we have been checking the gauges along the river and all levels are starting to drop. in alexandria, they have a problem with high tides mixing with highwater. there is another highly tied cycle tonight, but in general, it looks as though the worst is behind us. some patches of light rain on the dollar radar, but that will not exacerbate the problem. let's show youwhat is happening now looking from the rooftop camera -- the title basin is a great day, but look at the numbers. zero or 4 inches in the north, even an apple is had over 3 inches. look at these swatches and warnings for the tidal rivers. all the way down through the dc area and beyond. coastal flood advisories continue, but it appears better days are just around the corner as water levels start to fall. >> flooding and down trees have
old town alexandria. >> the rain had started to come down again. the scene behind me is changing quickly. when we arrived here, the water was behind that sign. it is on the march inland. a river swollen from mounds of melting snow. also hit with a runoff from heavy rains. those peoe on the water's edge brace for the impact. >> you will get wet. >> they have seen plenty of floods over the years in old town. it made for an anxious night and morning. >> hopefully this is as bad as it is going to get. >> authorities closed off some roads. businesses did what they could to keep their establishments and merchandise drive. >> this stock demo is all up hawaii. >> we do expect high tide around 9:00 this morning -- the stock down below is all of high. >> it will be a block into old town. steven chu, abc 7 ws. >> thank you. >>> families in frederick are also dealing with flood damage. >> best what you get when you live around a mountain range. >> there were major problems. a park looked like a like yesterday with playground equipment floating in several feet of water. roads were turned into
men from alexandria say they are being tortured. the council says they sent letters to their parents detailing the alleged abuse. one letter said they were beaten. if convicted, they could face life in prison. >>> 6:07, 43 degrees. >> the hoyas had number 2 toy gun ohio as march madness takes over. we will have a live report. >> if you party too hard, we have the science behind the hangover. >> we are on the wa >>> 6:10 a.m. on this thursday morning. adam caskey live in alexandria. a train just pulled off. people heading to work and off to school. we dropped two degrees since we first got out here. 40 degrees. 32 in stafford. 33 in upper marlboro. 45 in fairfax. it wide range of temperatures again. there is a reading of 29 in winchester. a lot of sunshine. perce 70 today. tomorrow will be light today. -- 70 degrees today. 70 will continue through saturday. >> it is beautiful as far as traffic on the interstates are concerned. 66, just a normal volume of traffic. lanes are open as you head to vienna. slowing in centreville and then up through falls church. we're opened across the roos
problems. this is what we're experiencing in old town, alexandria. the areas closest to the potomac are under water. a river swollen from mountains of melting snow and hit with runoff from heavy rains. people are bracing for the impact. >> if you're on the waterfront, you will get wet. >> alexandra has seen plenty of floods over the years. >> for these people, hopefully it is as dead as it will get. >> authorities closed some roads. residents did what they could to keep their merchandise drive. >> the stock is up high. >> you see some of the sand bags. those are what the owners and what the people are using as the best protection against the rising water. we do expect another high tide later this morning and we expect to see this water climbing. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> people in frederick are also dealing with flood damage. >> that is what you get when you live near the mountain range. >> the park looked more like pay a river yesterday. there was several feet of water. there was a lot of debris, creating dangerous driving conditions. there was problems through
of thousands of dollars from bank customers in alexandria. the thieves did it by installing a skimming device on the atm at the bradley shopping center. a technician working on the machine last month noticed the device. skimming device is a metal plate that reads financial information whenards are put into the machine. >>> about $60,000 was taken from several accounts. wachovia says any customer who lost money as a result of the scam will be fully reimbursed. >>> the worldwide web is a risky place, apparently in washington. which landed near the top of the cities most at risk for cybercrimes. the anti-virus software company norton compiled the list, washington, d.c. came in at number three. the rankings were determined from data on cyberattacks and infected computers. one of the reasons that d.c. is so risky, the number of wi-fi spots around town which could provide hackers easy access to your computer. >>> two manassas men are in custody after police say she were involved in a shootout at an apartment complex. one of the bullets did nearly hit a child. the shots rang out during a fight on ca
in pakistan. accused of planning attacks against the government. the five are all muslims from alexandria who attended a mosque in northern virginia and range in age from 18 to 24. this morning they pled not guilty to all the charges against them. elaine rees has more. >> reporter: the five young men including a former dental student at howard university could face a life sentencen a pakistani prison. a judge will hear their case because there are no jury trials in pakistan. authorities say that the group went missing in late november. they obtained visas from pakistan's embassy in d.c., claiming they were to attend a wedding this. but police investigators were tipped off claiming they approached two militant groups tied to al qaeda. they allegedly used facebook and youtube to make contact with extremists and asked for training but were denied. their family and friends in virginia say that at the time of their arrest, they saw no signs of extremism. >> during my time, knowing these young men, i never absorbed -- observed any extreme behavior from them. i never became suspicious that they were
in alexandria will be 5:99:26. -- 9:26 and these flood warnings are for the tidal potomac, georgetown, independence avenue and 17th street, the gw memorial parkway near the railroad bridge north of reagan. these are areas that will see flooding in general three to five feet above normal and at's significant. now, the storm that caused it all is pulling away. we have showers around the area as we take you to radar. just light stuff. i will get in tighter. one of the places it is raining is in alexandria where they are experience experiencing the flooding but the area of low pressure is off the coast of new jersey as we swing you over to true view. it is spinning there and continuing to get a lot of showers on the eastern shore but we need this thing to get a little farther away. there's the low. it will be departing. unfortunately, the showers will hang around longer but the winds are out of the north, and the water is cresting, but it is going to remain high for another 12 hours or so, will and the flood warnings until 11:00 tonight. we will keep a close eye on it and have another loo
. the men are all muslims and range in age from 18 to 24. they live in alexandria. they attended mosque in northern virginia. and pleaded not guilty to the charges. they were arrested last december. five are accused of planning attacks in afghanistan and on sum territories which like will you means u.s. bases. they are also charged with contributing money to band organizations that would have been used for terrorism. and with directing each other to commit terrorist acts. if convicted on all the charges, they could be sentenced to life in prison. >>> howard university senior was killed while on spring break in cancun, mexico. he drowned while swimming sunday. josh griffin h his story. >> reporter: as they return to the campus where they dropped their son off, it is hard for them to imagine how come may when franklin's class graduates, he won't be there walking with them. >> i will remember his smile. i will remember his wisdom that was measured beyond years. >> reporter: his mother says the 22-year-old died this past saturday on a spring break trip with friends in cancun. >> some type o
are underway in low- lying areas tonight. that includes the city of alexandria where the city is offering truck loads of help. peggy fox is live in old town to explain what they are doing there. >> i'm on the corner of king and lee streets. you can see behind me hundreds of sandbags. these are for the residents and business owners here in alexandria. they want to take them and protect their property for potential flooding and also city crews have been out clearing storm drains. in alexandria, transportation crews spent the day clearing out storm sewers. much of the trash is in the basins. this siphons it out. >> a lot of bottles. they will find just an assortment of debris. >> reporter: garage and sticks can clog drains, especially older ones that have smaller pipes like this one. with heavy rain, a clogged sewer means flooded streets. >> we get to the catch base and throw it out and find out the cause. sometimes something will drop in like a hub cap. >> reporter: city officials are taking the flood watch seriously. >> it is a concern when we have high tide just after 5:00 and we have windy con
from alexandria. how are things looking now? >> reporter: it was a lot more than it was yesterday at this time. i talked to a longtime alexandria resident who said this is about half as bad as isobel, which is the high water mark in this area. at high tide, water was well past the establishment that we're out in front of the other day. people did have their sandbags up, just preparing for the worst. and it doesn't look like the water level ever reached that level, but they were safe and -- better safe than sorry. now, yesterday, the starbucks down there on the corner actually remained open. they had some water on the floor, moved stuff off of the lower shelf. but just a few minutes ago, a fire marshal came down here and told them they had to close. i guess theyeally don't want people wading into that water and it could indeed be a health issue as well with water coming off of the river and also overflowing the catch basins and putting some of the debris and calls that are normally in the streets, making them waterborn and floating around. probably not the best thing to wade around
tide is expected at about 9:00 a.m. down here in old town alexandria. and to give you a shot of where we were this morning, this is king street and union street, the intersection here. we were actually at the intersection when we first got here this morning. the water was behind that barricade you can see back there and obviously it has gone up quite a bit since we've come here this morning. city officials are worrying that the worst is yet to come. they said that the water got about halfway up the 100 block of king street where we are right now yesterday. they expected to go even further. now they are not expecting a full foot of water, even though the river is expected to crest a food above what it did yesterday. they expect a couple of inches but you'll see that along the roadway. but we were expecting this. as tony and tucker have talked about this morning, that with the record snowfall and the in from over the weekend, that we knew we were going to be dealing with flooding and they knew that as well in old town. they're very used to this. there are sandbags set up at the doorstep
alexandria and the potomac bridges. joe, eun, back to you. >>> the potomac river continues to inch higher and higher this morning. it looks like it's going to take some time for it to recede. in northwest washington, the water is getting closer to expensive property at the georgetown waterfront and great falls, t river overflowed its banks. and homeowners near the potomac and loudoun county had to move to higher ground. and this morning the georgetown waterfront is attracting the most concern. the water there has already reached its highest level in years. john trippen joins us from the waterfront with more. >> reporter: we're sighing higher-than-normal levels of water. we're off of 34th street and water street. and that's where we're seeing higher-than-normal levels expected. officials saying we're seeing about nine feet above normal. last night during high tide, we saw ten feet-high water out here in georgetown. we're at high ground. let's take a look at video from yesterday. now all of this high water we're seeing as a result of a wet weekend we had. now you couple that with this snowy
in alexandria, check your statements closely: someone put a skimmer on the machine in the bradley shopping center and made off with account information. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: thieves used a traditional approach to rob this wachovia bank in alexandria in october. now, they've gone high-tech to make off with your cash. they put a plastic or metal skimmer over the card reader and waited for unsuspecting customers to use the machine it captures the card information as well as the pin information. >> how much do these thieves get by doing this? >> we had several customers come forward and the losses are up to $60,000. >> reporter: an atm technician actually spotted the skimmer on the machine on february 28th. he took pictures of it and went inside to alert bank security. >> by the time the technician came back outside the atm skimmer was gone. so clearly somebody very nearby was watching. >> that is why when i come to the atm machine i make sure there is no one around to see. >> reporter: there is a video message playing on the atm telling customers how to spot a skimmer. it
bat or stick in the alexandria section of fairfax county. richard reeve has the latest. >> cynne, the police are calling this a suspicious death investigation. was a drug-related or gang- related? they are not sure. a disturbing discovery in this quiet alexandria neighborhood. >> it is shocking to have something like this happen. >> the police responding to an injured person call found the body of a 16-, 17-year-old male in the park. he was fatally beaten in the head. >> we are not sure at this point. >> sources say he was likely struck with a baseball bat or stick. no weapon has been found. >> i am surprised. >> this person said the victim lived here in the ingleside neighborhood and he saw him riding his bike and playing basketball, but never imagined this. >> you never hear about the violence. >> residents have voiced concerns about drug dealing and gang activity. >> i feel for him and his family. >> they hope it was an isolated incident. >> i am not scared. it is my neighborhood. i should not have to fear people in my neighborhood. >> still others worry about the safety of th
town, alexandria. take a look at this. copious amounts of debris, even trash being washed ashore by the mighty potomac. >> you are going to get wet sometimes. >> it was quitenxious night. >> for these people, hopefully this is as bad as it will get. >> title flooding. police closed roads. business is closest to the river braced for potential damage. -- businesses closest to the river braced for potential damage. customers at one restaurant had to go past a walkway with sandbags just to get to a table. >> it is a tough year anyway. >> , one other has worked here for more than 30 years. -- one owner has worked here for more than 30 years. in fact, in the early evening, city employees hustled to secure a boat in the marina. there was a massive amount of debris. and from the looks of things, there may be quite a clean-up job in the coming day or two. live alexandria, jay korff, abc7 news. >>> people in frederick are also dealing with flood damage tonight. >>> melting snow and rain -- >> melting snow and rain, with some playground equipment in the water. there were dangerous driving
on the more interesting things folks were up to. ♪ [music] ♪ >> reporter: old time alexandria felt like county court today. saturday's st. paddy's day parade drew a huge crowd. >> it's nice to be out with the kids. >> reporter: if parades were not for you, how about a dog show? there were a few classics, too. >> what a beautiful day. 1903 oldsmobile. >> reporter: we even ran into channel 9 fans. >> i absolutely love topper. >> he arranged this weather today. >> did he? how did he do that? >> he's got a special touch. >> reporter: today in alexandria, everybody was irish. this is carol from the irish walk. >> how do you do. >> reporter: pretend i'm the blarnny stone. across the river, both locals and tourists were soaking in the sunshine and the deal. >> we wanted to enjoy the beautiful day. >> reporter: for merchants in georgetown this was money in the bank. >> people always come out when it's nice like this especially after all of the snow. we love it. business has been great. >> you don't want to smop out when it's cold out. >> reporter: what'd you buy? >> some jeans and a t-shirt. >> report
. >> reporter: old town alexandria felt like county court today. saturday st. patty's day parade drew a huge crowd. parades were not for you, how about a dog show? there were a few classics too. we even ran in to some channel 9 fans. >> i absolutely love it. >> today, everybody was irish, this is carol from the irish walk, pretend i'm the blarney stone. >> locals and tourists were soaking in the sunshine and the deals. >> i wanted to enjoy the beautiful day. >> for merchants the sunny saturday was like money in the bank. >> people come out when it's nice out, especially after the february we had with all the snow. it's good to see the sunshining and people out and about. we love it. business has been great. >> what did you buy? >> i got rugby. levi jeans, look good when i go back to college. how much did you spend? >> i want to say, close to 500. >>> can we expect a repeat tomorrow or better weather? it's going to get better, not only tomorrow but the next few days enjoying the warmest period of temperatures we have in several months. 54 dc. temperatures a bit chilly in the the northwest n t
faster than your current connection? alexandria would. our partners at the alexandria say that they are about to join a bidding process to become a test city for a new product. it is called google fiber. it delivers information so fast, a video that takes one minute to down load would do it now in less than a second. >>> devon lucie is standing by outside. >> reporter: we have clouds around all day and kept temperatures down. we have to factor in the wind chills with those breezy north winds. we will talk about warmer temperatures moving in this weekend when 9 news now returns with the forecast. >>> a heroic rescue caught on tape in arizona. a man stumbles in to the path of an oncoming train and two phoenix police employees are there to pull him to safety. he man appears to be intoxicated but police aren't saying for sure. the men who rescued him are being considered for an award. he was not seriously hurt. >>> if you are a pet owner you know there are things out can hurt your pet, chocolate and antifreeze but we will look at some other things that can be harmful to your p
. the potomac lapped up against buildings at the bottom of king street and old town alexandria. home and businesses braced for high tide, and the high water and damage is minimal. there's also a lot of high water on the potomac next to georgetown. the water is moving quickly as it passes the kennedy center and the key bridge. large sea wall were raised to keep the water in flooding businesses on the waterfront. >>> an earthquake shook los angeles early this morning. the 4.4 magnitude earthquake caused minor damage. no one was injured and power is still running. so far there are no reports of any buildings suffering damage. however, the earthquake ripped a hole in a major highway. road crews have shut down the lane and redirected traffic for the morning commute. >>> top democrats, including the president, are fighting hard to lock in every vote they can ahead of the big vote on health care reform, but it is going to be a tough fight. republicans are united against the bill, and many democrats are still on the fence. joel brown reports that conservatives have launched an all-out attack
including here in the d.c. area. a potomac yards theater in alexandria they say their prices are up about $3 more than this weekend. one man told us it cost him 36 bucks for just three ticket. price on ticket prices is being blamed on the recent 3-d craze. special effects in movies like "avatar" have created a huge surge in business for theaters. >> some of the largest year-over-year pricing increases in recent history. >> 3-d's drawing people to the theater. the theater chains know it and they're taking this opportunity. >> some movie theaters say they will make up for higher prices by charging less for matinees or shows during the week. >>> after the break, a chilly start for the cherry blossom festival. we'll tell you when the best time's going to be to check out those cherry blossom. also, rain's heading our way. chuck's got that full forecast right after >>> the lines formed early this morning for the nbc4 safe and community shred. we shredded those boxes and recycled them for free. >>> the national cherry blossom festival is now in full swing. for nearly a hundred years, it's been a wa
. >> so far, no targets had been fired. -- no faculty has been fired. >> alexandria students will be in class a little bit longer today. an extra half-hour will be added to each day to make up for the time lost in a snowstorm. they will have 10 minutes more instruction in the morning, 20 minutes more in the afternoon. alexandria city public schools were closed for 10 days. the nation's capital blew through plenty of cash during the winters record-setting snowfall and it was not all just for flour truck. the examiner reported that washington, d.c. spent $74,000 in february on cards to mcdonald's that were handed out to the snow crews. the city spent another $300,000 on hotel rooms for workers that were working 12 hour shifts. agencies that area hardware stores, more than $24,000 was spent at home depot alone. we are getting an early feel of spring to kick off a week. what a nice day to start a week. >> i think we will do it again today and tomorrow, taking a look at thetorms can. -- storms can. -- storm stirr scan. coming up, a look at the extended outlook with rain in the for
at an alexandria starbucks to protest the move after the general assembly passed a bill to allow people to bring guns into bars and restaurants. >> i don't support that. >> starbucks has made a choice to allow people to protect themselves if they feel is necessary. >> starbus issued a statement saying we comply with local laws and statutes in all the communities we serve. in this case, 43 of the 50 u.s. states have open carry laws. >>> allow extra time if you are riding on the orange line. trains are sharing a single track. the work will be done today and tomorrow between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. metro says passengers should add 30 minutes to their trips. >>> some local families will achieve the american dream thanks to the hard work of some volunteers. nine families received the keys to their new homes at the maple ridge condos in fairfax county during a special ceremony. it took hundreds of habitat for humanity volunteers just over a year to complete the project. one of the new homeowners says getting into a stable home is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. >>> people working outside enjoy th
alexandria, they have the sand bags ready. heavy equipment takes care of what this week's warm temperatures could not finish off, the massive snow mounds at arcade stadium are being moved out of parking spaces to make room for the crowds expected at shamrock faest. >> it is a challenge no matter what appeared >> last year, there was -- no matter what. >> last year, there was rain as well, but the vendors are still expecting a big crowd. >> we expect a whole lot of people. >> flood waters rise quickly. but it was carried you come home in the middle of the night and there is water in the basement. >> the ground will not take much more. fairfax county knows the history and has worked to clear the kohlberthe culver. in the meantime, there are those who defy the chilly breeze. her foot where it is a show of faith that better weather is on the way. >> it is in the air. >> the sandbags have been provided by the city government and people have been coming and getting them, showing their id's, for most people showing in the low-lying river areas. we're told there is a flood watch for loudon county a
out he was not alone. >>she left the bar with the pretense of being taken to her home in alexandria. >>reporter: the woman was dancing with a man at fast eddie's. when she got into the car with him she found out he had friends. >>there were three other meals in the car at the time. >>reporter: they took her to the waldorf home where there were more men waiting. the woman quickly learned how much trouble she was in. >>she was taken to the basement of the residence where she is forced to remove her clothing, and she's assaulted by way of being physically assaulted and threatened with a knife. then she is forced to participate in sexual acts with several different individuals. >>reporter: the sexual assaults occurred over three hours before the woman was able to get away. >>she asked to go to the restroom. she saw that opportunity for her to get away or leave the residence. she took that opportunity. she ran out of the residence and down the street to a nearby residence and notified police. >>reporter: charles county sheriff's deputies now have these six men in the detention center cha
to home, people living and working in old town alexandria are sandbagging their front doors to keep the potomac river from entering their house. alexandria sits along the river, on the river banks, where the banks have already overflowed. look at that video. >>> 5:47. we're looking outside from yesterday's temperature. only 48 degrees. definitely with the chill, added rain and all that water rolling down the potomac, we have a nasty start to the week. it was 50s in virginia, that's a sign of an improvement. even though we start only at -- 45 this morning we're looking for the old storm to depart. it did work its way backwards, southbound, then now pulling out to sea. still cool winds out of the north behind it but we're breaking the cloud line in through central sections of pennsylvania and as we watch that particular storm roll itself off the coast we say goodbye. this storm back in texas may take some headlines because of heavy rain there. and some west texas snowfall, that storm itself is going to ride its way north into the nation's heartland. that allows us to get into this dry
is more prevalent in minority populations. >> they rolled out the red carpet in alexandria today for the world premier of the movie called "diary of a wimpy kid." students in alexandria beat out 5,000 other schools for the honor. the kids lined up for a chance to meet the stars and got their own red carpet. "diary of a wimpy kid" is based on the novel series of the same name. the movie hits theaters tomorrow. >> looksike a good movie, too, for some of us. chuck bell, it's not movie weather right now. >> i would agree with you there. we need a drive-in movie. that's what we need. sit outside with the roof down and watch the movie the old fashioned way. hope you don't spill your drink and popcorn all over the seat. outside on a beautiful thursday evening after 11:00 already. friday is now just 42 minutes away. 71 degrees our high temperature today. our first 70 of the year. 41 our low this morning. current temperature 53 degrees. 39 degree dye point. the only problem with today and anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies knows all about it, the pollen count. 662 today. almost al
tonight. she is now in alexandria. >> reporter: local officials warn the threat of flooding is not to be taken lightly. this could be a sign of things to come. predicted heavy rains are expected to soak the washington area this weekend, leading to washed-out roads and other problems. in frederick county, little hunting creek already overflowed its banks by friday evening, covering a section off route 15 with a raging torrent of water. melting snow carried debris through the rushing water. goose creek is rising fast. officials caution residents the creek could rise six feet above flood stage this weekend. fire and rescue crews in d.c., maryland and virginia are preparing to deal with high water dangers. >> if you come upon a roadway such as you see here on wood burn road, avoid it all together. if you see any water running across the roadway, avoid it. >> reporter: in old town, alexandria, king street was closed in anticipation of high tide on the nearby potomac river. sandbags are piled up and ready to use by businesses in this low-lying area. we are told the potomac in geor
about a motive except to say the victim in this case was targeted. a week later in this alexandria neighborhood, things look much different. the crime scene, the cop cars, the victim's body all gone. tonight this neighborhood park is peaceful again. >> it's a very quiet place. >> reporter: tony still can't believe their favorite neighborhood spot was the scene of such violence. christian perez was beaten to death by this man 19-year-old jorge barenga and two other teenagers, one 15 and the other 16. >> they were all gang affiliated. >> reporter: fairfax county police tracked each suspect down. one was arrested in woodbridge. another in new york city and albarenga was taken into custody in harrisonburg, virginia. the two younger suspects have been charged with murder. albarenga is charged with malicious wounding by a mob and gang participation. police are not releasing the exact connection between the suspects and the victim except to say. >> it was a gang assault. the victim was somehow associated or affiliated with gang stuff. it wasn't just a random attack. >> reporter: meanwhile
. in alexandria this morning at 9:37. indian head 9:05. point lookout, you had one earl eli this morning at 2:30. the next is this afternoon at 2:46. those are the times where we may see some docks emerge or street flooding like in alexandria. maybe not as bad as yesterday but i think water will be coming up in those areas. as far as the next three days with the forecast first. today we start off with clouds, maybe a sprinkle but sunshine returns and 57. tomorrow and thursday, sunny and mild. by thursday, in the mid-60s. the bus stop forecast, a spotty shower. temperatures generally in the low to mid-40s this morning. sunrise is 7:18. wind chills upper 30s to low 40s. this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, milder, mid to upper 50s. north winds 10 to 15. we can only manage 50 for the high yesterday with the clouds and spotty showers around. tonight, clear and colder. 35 in cold spots and 45 in the warmer areas by the bay. and the sunset is 7:16 and sunny and pleasant day tomorrow with highs in the lower 60s. there's the storm system off to our east. pulling away. going south. t
spots. georgetown and alexandria. king street area. these will go until tomorrow night at midnight and basically what we've got is water in the tidal tomac running 3 to 5 feet above normal. it will go down again another foot or two tomorrow but that is enough to promote minor to moderate flooding. the water is going to be staying high through mid-week. what should you expect and what are the times of high tide? in the washington key bridge area you've got one tomorrow morning and then 10:08 tomorrow night. we just had a high tide in alexandria. indian head 9:25 in the morning and 9:29 in the night. we're excited to see the rain finally leaving. this has been a big contributor. i'll take you to truview. you can see we still have showers that are reluctant to give up the ghost but are winding down. one patch has just gone by to the south. we will have a couple showers around tonight and a whole lot of clouds tomorro another big thing that helps is the fact that the wind direction is out of the north and has the effect of pushing the water down the bays and into the chesapeake and out
with conspireing to wage war against nations allied with pakistan. the men all muslims from alexandria pleaded not guilty in court today. their attorney has said that they were heading to afghanistan and had no plans to stage attacks in pakistan. in a time where terror threats are becoming all more serious, prosecutors are seeking a maximum penalty. we begin our coverage now with nbc's chief justice correspondent abe williams live in our network newsroom. what's the latest on the charges against these americans? what are they facing? >> reporter: five charges. they are all faced with. somewhat unusual given pakistani court system. some straightforward. planning terror attacks, planning attacks in areas of afghanistan and what they describe as u.s.erritory which presumably is military based in pakistan. what's unusual is each one of the five is charged with directing the other four to carry out terror attacks. >> interesting. do we know anything about their treatment? >> reporter: well, they claim they have been mistreated. they claim they have been tortured by the pakistani police and made the
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